Monday, 24 April 2017

My lovely friend Amy McDermott story on our amazing 30 day nutrition system

My lovely friend Amy McDermott story on our amazing 30 day nutrition system  In January I flew  allllll the way to Texas to get my hand on an incredible superfood system I had heard all about on Instagram. These products were apparently life changing, and so popular in America people use them every single day ! They do a BILLION in sales worldwide with an 82% retention rate  And not just people looking for weight loss, but professional athletes, boxers, footballers, personal trainers, body builders 

So In February I started of a 30 Day System not knowing what to expect. I was extremely dubious having tried lots of "diets" and never actually succeeding in any! 
The first thing I noticed was how awake  I started to feel on a morning. As soon as I opened my eyes it was like a lightbulb switched on . My sleep  was incredible - 8-9 hours of SOLID sleep every night. My thoughts became clearer and my clothes got looser 

By the time I had finished my first programme I had released 18lb of fat, and 10 inches from my waist alone  Some other comments I got off friends were "you're literally shrinking by the day" and "the whites of your eyes are even whiter " What I loved most about following the system was that it was SIMPLE, CONVENIENT, I was NEVER hungry because of the quality of the protein AND because I slept so well I had more energy than ever!! These products are FINALLY are being released in the U.K on 15th May 2017 and I CANNOT WAIT to share them with my friends and family!  #EyesForward#Superfoodsystem #30daysystem#teamezuk #60daytransformation
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